How To Get Insurance To Pay For Orthognathic Surgery

How To Get Insurance To Pay For Orthognathic Surgery. Hospital for special surgery provides financial aid for medically necessary services based on a patient’s financial need and includes a sliding scale discount for patients who qualify. Orthognathic surgery to treat jaw discrepancy and malocclusion may be viewed variably by insurance carriers.

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Is jaw surgery covered by dental or medical insurance? If you don't have insurance, either work out a payment plan in advance or plan the surgery after securing the necessary insurance. Orthognathic surgery, or jaw straightening surgery, involves a spectrum of surgical procedures on the upper jaw, lower jaw and chin, to improve both form and function.

Today I Received Notificaiton From My Company This Plan Is Being Withdrawn And Preplaced With 2 Other Options As Of July 1St.

Is jaw surgery covered by dental or medical insurance? However, the reason you need the operation plays a much more significant role in determining whether your plan(s) will honor the claims submitted by your provider. 2) orthognathic surgery performed for malocclusion when the criteria listed above are not met.

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Orthognathic Surgery May Be Covered By Health Insurance.

Some insurance companies like aetna consider them medically necessary when the skeletal irregularities cause: For treatment of mandibular excess, skeletal maturation must be Many plastic surgeons offer patient financing plans to help cover.

I’ve Had 6 Months Of Workup Prepration For This Surgery And Now I’m Loosing The Insurance.

However, aetna considers the surgery cosmetic or. If patients do not have the option to pay for orthognathic surgery using their insurance or a flexible spending account (fsa), they often turn to dental health financing. Some consider jaw surgery cosmetic and may not cover the treatment.

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Some hospitals do this for people who do not have insurance or for those like me who insurance would not pay. I called the hospital and told them my situation (insurance would not pay) they worked up a prepackaged deal for me for one nights stay. Although there are some medical plans that specifically exclude orthognathic surgery, most insurance plans permit the authorization of orthognathic surgery “when.

Failure To Obtain Precertification Of Orthognathic Surgery.

I can't answer in terms of payment, because it will vary a great deal depending on your insurance, hospital, and surgeon. Orthognathic surgery is often covered by insurance if a functional problem can be documented, assuming there are no exclusions for jaw surgery on your insurance plan. I have bariatric surgery scheduled for july 3rd under my group plan.


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